Social Fundraising and Gatherings works on 100% donations. We ask for peoples time, resources, and financial assistance. Sometimes it is about sharing our abundance, and sometimes it's about gifting an item as if we were buying it for our own family. We collect items from people when they are renovating or upgrading their own homes. We partner with various organizations to host collection drives. No donation or in-kind gift is too small. This group is about extending the table to break down barriers so all are included. 

Past Social FUNdraising and Gathering events include Body Combat, Girls Night Outs with dinner, DJs & Dances; Zumba Under the Stars with cocktails and dinner; Mother/Daughter Girl Power presentation, Body Combat; Lunch and Learns; Create & Donate Community Caring Baskets/Flower Bouquets with lunch; and many more celebrations.

Service days are an oppurtunity to build relationships and move out of our own bubbles...

  • We have collected, created, and maintain three North Philadelphia public schools' libraries because students deserve the same amenities everywhere.
  • We support individual classroom libraries and hand out books to families to encourage home libraries because we recognize that reading is the first step to achievement.
  • We attend family engagement nights to encourage community members to join our group because together we are better.
  • We prepare and serve the staff lunches and holiday dessert bars because we all deserve more cheer.
  • We create, supply and hand out PSSA survival test kits to ease the angst of funding being tied to these tests.
  • We stock and work food pantries and clothing closets at multiple schools because, sadly, the need is there.
  • We connect, underwrite, and assist with bringing local artists, authors, and after school programs to try and add to the missing pieces of our broken system. 
  • We host several Spring Carnivals and support all the end of the year activities because hard work and endings need to be celebrated together.
  • We build and maintain gardens to educate and to beutify.
  • We clean and organize classrooms and closets because clutter adds to chaos and is not conducive to a motivating and inspiring environment.
  • We create staff lounges and teacher spaces to show our educators gratitude and the professionalism they deserve.  

We do whatever we can when we can by showing up and engaging with our neighbors. Our service events are about finding the potential and helping it come alive, while continuing our own life-long learning to be our best selves. 

Although our most consistent focus is on inner city public schools, we have supported various organizations including:

  • the MS Society
  • American Breast Cancer Foundation
  • Alzheimers Foundation
  • Chester County SPCA
  • American Cancer Society
  • Salvation Army
  • Stop Hunger Now
  • Philabundance