Before we can be part of the solution, we need to understand the problem. The best way to do this is by examining the historical and institutional responses that created the disparity in the first place. Social Fundraising and Gatherings hosts speaker series, movie nights, book talks, and town hall presentations in the hope of learning more, so we can do better. We create an environment where participants can learn, listen, and ask uncomfortable questions. We encourage open hearted discussions and don’t shy away from difficult dialogue. SFG hosts speakers to begin to understand what we don't know, even when we don't understand that we don't know it yet. 

Social Fundraising and Gatherings hosts a variety of FUNdraisers held in beautiful places and unexpected spaces. All of these events are created with the intention of establishing connection and positive energy among the participants so that we can then go out and share with our greater community. Every FUNdraiser has a mission and purpose to heal the world and inspire more solutions. We accomplish this task by having fun together, eating together, sharing music together, and dancing together. We do the stuff that all of us, no matter race, gender, or bank account enjoy doing. We crerate oppurtunities for in kind donations and collections. 100% of proceeds from these FUNdraisers go back to the causes as SFG is still 100% volunteers.  

We have partnered with three (3) North Philadelphia Public Schools to create community and school organizations. We host in-school service days; staff appreciation days; work to organize and beautify the school spaces & yards; support student educational goals by providing books, music, art, field trips, speakers, fairs and more. We recognize that when we show up at our neighbors "house" we are guests and we are there to support whatever needs they identify. We are creating relationships and receiving as many learning lessons and gifts as we are sharing. The biggest part of our service work is that we have realized that we need to show up consistently in the spaces we are trying to learn from. We are not experts. We are neighbors and we are building a better community for ALL of us to live in.